About Casa De Casa

I’m an IT professional with over 10 years of managerial experience across multiple industries.  This blog is dedicated to building future leaders, explaining topics of a technical nature to non-technical people, and the occasional unrelated topic that happens to catch my whim.  For coverage of topics in a more basic and how to format, check out my sister bog, Level 1 Tech Support.

It’s unlikely that I’ll come up with a history changing innovation like the wheel, the architectural arch, or the toilet.  It’s just as improbable that I’ll write the next ‘War and Peace’.  So, while I’ll keep trying to accomplish groundbreaking or revolutionary works, I’ll also keep doing the one thing that I know will carry on after I’m gone.  I’m going to pass on the leadership skills that I’ve learned through experience and from those who have gone before me.  Good leadership never goes out of style and never fails to be effective.  Just as I am a product of those who invested time into me to show me how to be an effective leader, I too have the opportunity to carry on a legacy by pouring what I have learned into the next generation of leaders.  If I do this effectively, they will be applying what I have given them and bringing up a new generation with these principals.  This will be one of my contributions to the planet both now and in the future.  This blog is one means to that end.  I hope you enjoy it.

Michael House