Oregon Scientific Outdoor Camera

Oregon Scientific has a new toy in their lineup. The ATC9K is a a ruggedized, waterproof (to 20 meters) camera. It comes with helmet and handlebar mounts, has a 5 M P still camera, and shoots in 1080P.   The length of your HD video recordings are only limited by the size of your memory card (sold separately) and the 90sih minute battery life.   There are definitely a lot of potentially fun uses for this little device.  Underwater HD would be pretty neat as long as you hold to within the 20M mark, as would a long plummet down some singletrack on a mountain bike.  Plus, with the bulit in GPS and accelerometer, you can tell exactly where you were and how many G’s you were pulling when you hit that tree!  It’s designed to survive a 4.5 foot drop.  That doesn’t seem all that rugged considering the market they are trying to sell it to is the mountain biking, diving, kayaking, snowboarding, sky diving, etc. adventure folk, where the crashes are often considered some of the best viewing, but at $299, this camera has the potential to be a lot of fun

You can check out specs and more info here, unless you are an iPhone or iPad user.  Unfortunately, that link is in a part of the Internet that Uncle Steve has roped off to you.  The presentation is in Flash and you’ll have to settle for a nice picture over at CrunchGear.

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